The unwelcomed visitor


Our unwelcomed visitor, Randal. Look closely; he blends in with the carpet!

Shortly after moving into the DCP housing last Monday, one of my roommates and I discovered we had a “pet” lizard living with us. Needless to say, we were not impressed and may or may not have screamed multiple times.

When I first saw the lizard, I thought it was dead. It was behind her bedroom door and didn’t appear to be moving. Must be dead, right? Wrong.

I tried to find something to get rid of the lizard with, and then we found that the lizard escaped… My roommate said she saw it dart into her closet, so we tried to find it, still unsure what we would do if we found it.

We proceeded to look for the lizard and continued to search with our other roommates until we called it a night (but not before checking our beds to make sure the lizard wasn’t in them).

The next morning, my roommate went to the front desk to tell them about our problem. At first, the people at the front desk didn’t really care. Florida is filled with geckos. Luckily, I took a picture of the lizard before it disappeared. My roommate showed the person and was told the lizard was not native to this area. Great.

A maintenance man set up multiple duck tape traps that would catch the lizard if he happened to walk on one of them. Days went by. Occasionally we would look for the lizard, but we had no luck…

Until last Monday. I came home from work and was told the lizard had been caught! Woo hoo! One roommates’ boyfriend came over and caught it. Apparently it had been in the girls’ dresser. Their room is across the hall from mine, and the room where the lizard was originally found.

Now, we can sleep at night knowing no lizard is crawling around the apartment. Thank goodness!




2 thoughts on “The unwelcomed visitor

  1. Love reading your entries! I’m going to be participating in the college program this spring! I was wondering what apartment complex you chose and if you like it there. Thanks!

    • I really wanted to live in Patterson but was placed in Chatham. It’s not amazing here but not bad either. It’s nice having the bus stop nearby and it’s a short walk to Patterson’s gym (more options at that one than chatham’s). I would choose to live here!

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