Training and some DCP fun

Today, I had my first early morning shift. I was trained on powering up Dinosaur, and it was pretty fun. Very hands-on and busy!

Early entry without the perks!

Early entry without the perks

Training Update

Getting to Animal Kingdom before the park opened was a little eerie. Where were all the guests? Oh yeah, they were sleeping. I could still see the moon and stars! Thankfully, I don’t have too many early shifts on my schedule so far. Although, I’d take early shifts over late night shifts! One great thing about Animal Kingdom. 🙂

It’s hard to blog about what I do at work all day, since so much is confidential!

I was trained to give the Guests their seating assignments. I loved it because of the guest interaction and trying to fill up each car. It might be my favorite assignment on rotation!

I still have two more days of training and then my assessment. I hope I pass, so I can earn my ears!

Monstrous Party

Last night, my roommates and I went to our first housing event. The theme was Monsters University, and we had a lot of fun dancing around like fools! We got free pizza, and these awesome (lol) bumper stickers…

Obviously, I put this on my bumper immediately... (not)

Obviously, I put this on my bumper immediately… (not)

Hopefully, I’ll have some more exciting things to blog about soon and some easy recipes and fun workouts! I didn’t understand how exhausting the College Program would be, but I should become acclimated within a couple of weeks.


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