Howdy, y’all!

Good morning, everyone!

My two days off went by so quickly, and today, I’m headed back to Dinosaur for a six-hour shift. I have been slightly sick the past few days, and unfortunately, I am still not 100 percent. Fingers crossed that by tomorrow I will be!

Weekend festivities

Although I was feeling a little sick, I definitely did not sit around on my weekend. I spent all of Friday with my roommate Amy and her boyfriend. We had an action-packed day.

First, we had to make a special trip to Frontierland at Magic Kingdom to meet the Chipmunks. Our favorite one that day was definitely Dale. One of our other roommates has a special connection with him, so we were sure to show her the pictures and tell her about our fun experience!

Chip & Dale!

Cute costumes, Chip and Dale!


After meeting the Chipmunks, we were so hot. We decided to wait in line to meet Tinker Bell and Vidia. The line was a solid 35 minute wait, but at least it was indoors with air conditioning. 

We then drove from Magic Kingdom to Epcot. Amy and I purchased our tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with our Cast Member discount. I can’t wait to go!

Unfortunately for her boyfriend, our day was just getting started. We got lunch and then spent the next couple of hours at the outlet mall looking for cowboy boots to wear out that night. I couldn’t go line dancing without them! 

First trip to Cowboys

After two of my roommates and I were ready, we had fun taking some pictures.

At least we all looked the part?

At least we all looked the part?

Jenna goes line dancing a lot back home, so she was definitely in her element while Amy and I struggled to catch on. Cowboys had a fun, country-filled environment, and it also offers line dancing lessons. I definitely will be taking some of those! If I was more familiar with line dancing, I would have a blast. We definitely will be returning for those lessons and with more of our roommates!


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