Kristina’s Warriors

Today, I’m sharing a post that’s a little out of the norm for my blog.

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. One of my very close friends, Kristina, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over the summer. She is only 25 years old and has always followed a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. In college, she was a cheerleader at Parkland Community College and at the University of Illinois. Currently, she is going to school to for her MBA and living in Scottsdale, AZ. She is very positive, determined and compassionate. There are no answers for why she has ovarian cancer. This particular type of ovarian cancer is very rare – only 2 percent of those with ovarian cancer have this type.

Kristina is fortunate to have a huge support system, which isn’t surprising to anyone who knows her. She is accepting of everyone and sticks up for those she loves. A Facebook group “Prayers for Kristina Anderson” was set up to support her, and it has over 3,500 members. There is always room to grow! I encourage everyone to join her group on Facebook and keep Kristina and her family in your thoughts and prayers for healing, strength and encouragement.

Show your support with a bracelet!

Show your support with a bracelet!

The Facebook group also has ways to support Kristina. Her insurance company denied coverage, so every little bit helps. “Kristina’s Warriors” bracelets are being sold as well as t-shirts and car decals. A fundraising website has also been set up.

Kristina shares the most incredible messages to her support system. Those in the group can see just how beautiful she is in and out. Kristina has the best heart, and her strength and spirit through her journey is literally awe-inspiring and, at times, tear-jerking.

Kristina has always been there to support me through anything, and this is my way of supporting her while she’s in AZ. I wish I could hop on a plane and visit her, but it’s not so easy when I have an internship at Disney World!

Thank you, everyone, for reading this blog post. Please join Kristina’s Facebook group and keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Feel free to leave any comments you would like Kristina to see, and I will be sure to forward your encouraging thoughts on to her. 🙂


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