Polynesian View

Blogging about my daily life would be a little boring. Basically, all I do is wake up, work out, go to work, come home and sleep. Throw in breakfast, lunch and dinner, lots of coffee and some snacks, and that’s pretty much the majority of my days!

I did have quite the exciting (i.e. gross) day Saturday, but that is absolutely nothing anyone would want to read about. Ew! And, I had my first post-training rider evacuation Sunday. Oh, the excitement at Dinosaur!

Disney Life

Working at Dinosaur is great because of the hours and people. Since Animal Kingdom usually closes at 5 o’clock and never later than the occasional 7 o’clock Extra Magic Hours, I always have my evenings off. 

Friday night was Hollywood Studios’ Limited Time Magic event with the villains. Unfortunately, the traffic to get there was unbelievable. Even Cast Members were having trouble making it to work on time! Some people were in line for parking for two hours.

Needless to say, I decided to avoid Hollywood Studios, especially after I drove by the exit for it and saw the traffic backed up on both sides. Crazy! I heard the fireworks were amazing though. But, the wait time to meet one villain was up to four hours.

Halloween Fireworks

See the tiny castle?

Instead, I went to the Polynesian with a friend. Friday was Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and I had never seen those fireworks before. We found the perfect beach seats and waited for the fireworks to begin. Because it was a ticketed event, we didn’t think the Polynesian would pipe in the music. But, fortunately, the firework music played!


Check out the reflection in the water!

And, WOW! Those fireworks were amazing. I definitely would go back over and over again to watch them. I am getting even more excited to attend the Halloween party to see the fireworks from in front of the castle! Based on the firework display, I definitely would recommend going to the MNSSHP. I will be attending it more than once, which is  yet another Animal Kingdom perk!


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