New place, new hair salon

But, where will I get my hair done?
Before moving to Orlando for the Disney College Program, that was one of my major concerns. Yes, it does seem like a minor issue to some of you I’m sure. However, to me, that was a huge issue! I get my hair cut and colored from the same person at home and came home from college to get my hair done. She knows how I like my hair and always makes it look perfect. In Orlando, I am completely out of my element.

In my quest to find the best place to go, I contacted some people I know who already live down here and was recommended that I check out Salon Salon, an Aveda salon. Last week, I bit the bullet and scheduled an appointment because my thick hair was driving me crazy. Yesterday I went to the salon.

My first impression of Salon Salon Lather Lounge was great. I walked into the salon and was immediately asked if I wanted a drink. One of the stylists directed me to the bathroom to put on a nice, water-proof apron and then directed to the coloring area to wait for my hair stylist. As soon as I met Aubrey, I instantly knew I was safe in her hands. She’s originally from Wisconsin, so we had a little connection there. We decided on the colors for my highlights and then I waited for her to mix up the colors while sipping on my water.

While waiting for my color to process, another stylist came and offered a hand massage. The shampoo room was seriously amazing! It’s very tranquil, and the head massage was wonderful. I was so relaxed. If I could afford it, I would go back every single day just to get my hair washed.

I was a little nervous when the scissors came out, but Aubrey didn’t trim too much at once and waited until my hair was dried and straightened before she started de-bulking. The hair dryers hung from the ceiling. It was so cool!


At the end of my hair appointment, I left satisfied, happy and ready for my next visit!


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