And it’s already October

Here’s a little update on my Disney life!

I can’t believe it’s already October, and I’ve been here for over 1.5 months. The time is seriously flying by!

Recently, I applied for a few of Disney’s Professional Internships. The Professional Internships are career-related, whereas the College Program is just a job. I won’t find out whether or not I will have a PI until November 25. I had my phone-screening interview on Tuesday and rewarded myself with a delicious dark chocolate hot fudge sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream from Ghirardelli. Yum! I also got a free piece of pumpkin spice chocolate, and now I am addicted.


I spent some time at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival with Danny and tried some fun snacks! We only put a dent in the 30 booths that are there, and plan on going back as many times as possible. It was pretty crowded there on Tuesday, so I can only imagine what the weekends are like. I love all of the cute decorations that are set up for the Food and Wine!


On Wednesday, I attended the CP character performer auditions. I made it past the first cut! There were over 600 people there, and after the first cut, only 70 or so remained. I won’t find out whether or not I got it until November 6th, and that is only if I decide to extend my program.

Downtown Disney is about 10 minutes away from the CP housing complexes, so it’s fun to go there and walk around. Downtown Disney always has a multitude of things going on, and Amy, her boyfriend and I had fun at one of the kid dance parties last night!


I have been keeping very busy with work, and am still trying to perfect the balance between work, fun and me time. My marathon training isn’t going as well as it should be at this point, but I’m optimistic that in the next couple of weeks I will be back on track.


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