The Kitchen Sink and Hoop-Dee-Doo

Hey everyone! Last week was a busy and fun week filled with last-minute adventures.

I thought I would share some of the highlights with you.

The Kitchen Sink

I had just gotten home from work and was planning on relaxing for the evening. My roommates had something else in mind. As soon as I changed out of my beautiful Dinosaur costume, Cait, Jenn and I were on our way to The Beach Club to get the colossal Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop!

We were seated at a cute table in the Soda Shop. We ordered our $30 ice cream sundae, and we anxiously waited for it to come out. Fun disco lights came on as our server delivered our huge sundae. The Kitchen Sink consists of two scoops of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, and one scoop of coffee and mint. It is topped with every topping Beaches & Cream has including: bananas, strawberries, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, brownies, angel food cake, Oreos, Milky Ways and an entire can of whipped cream. Needless to say, the three of us didn’t finish the Kitchen Sink. We didn’t even make it halfway!

Kitchen Sink

Our eyes were a little bit bigger than our stomachs!


Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review

We decided to go to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review Dinner Show at the last-minute. The Hoop-Dee-Doo is an entertaining dinner show, filled with singing, dancing and, of course, eating. We called to make reservations the morning we wanted to go, and there was availability for the same night show! Throughout the day, we called three more times to add additional roommates to the reservation. By the time we went left for the dinner show, seven out of eight of the roommates were able to go. It was a crazy day in our apartment, because six of us actually had the day off.

The beautiful scenery from the boat ride!

The beautiful scenery from the boat ride!

We headed over to Fort Wilderness by taking the bus to the Polynesian, the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and then, finally, the boat to Fort Wilderness. We made it to the resort with ample time to check in, go visit the horses in the stables, and look at the gift shop.

Our table was towards the back corner, but we still had a great view of the show. The all-you-can-eat dinner included  corn bread, salad, chicken, ribs, mashed potatoes, corn and baked beans. The best part is the meal is served family style during the dinner show and not as a buffet.


The (not so) fabulous iPhone photo of our view!

The show is so entertaining! I have been before with my family, and we always enjoy our time there. The Hoop-Dee-Doo main song has changed a little, but it is still catchy. Towards the end of the show, Jenn was chosen to help, and she got to perform a short can-can dance and say a line! We all enjoyed our time there, and it was money well spent!

Marathon Training

With all that eating I did last week, I am happy to report that I completed my nine-mile run and am getting back on track with my training schedule! The marathon is the second weekend of January, so in order to be adequately trained, I have to consistently run now.  Living at Disney World is fun, and I constantly have things to do! I just have to prioritize to be sure that I complete my long run each week.




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