A trip to the dark side

Last weekend, I had some special visitors! My family (mom, dad, brother), brother’s girlfriend and two of his friends came for the weekend. We spent Friday and Saturday together at Universal Studios (*gasp* the dark side!).


Beautiful Portofino Bay!

Thursday night when they arrived, we checked in at Portofino Bay at Universal Studios. None of us had ever been to the resort before, and it was absolutely beautiful! The rooms were spacious, and the beds were comfortable.

Islands of Adventure and Mickey’s Halloween Party

Friday morning, we headed right to the Harry Potter area at Islands of Adventure. Unfortunately, we didn’t fit on the boat, so we decided to walk over. Our walk took about 15 minutes. Since we were staying on property, we had early park entry and unlimited express passes for all of the attractions that offered it. After riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, we went to Dragon Challenge (I still call it Dueling Dragons…) to ride both sides of the roller coaster. We decided the “fire” side was our favorite side!


Always using the “Disney point”!

For breakfast, we ate at the Three Broomsticks. I wasn’t overly impressed with my meal, but it still hit the spot. We had fun riding other rides, and were able to get everything done before exiting the park for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. After lunch, we looked in the shops at City Walk then headed back to Portofino Bay to relax before heading to Wilderness Lodge at Disney World for dinner at the Whispering Canyon!  If you’ve never eaten at Whispering Canyon before, you’re in for a surprise because there is nothing “whispering” about the place. It’s loud and interactive. Be sure to ask for ketchup!

We took the boat from there to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  It was Jared’s first time being at Disney World! And, I finally got to see the Headless Horseman!! The third time really is the charm. 🙂 We had the best spot in front of the castlefor HalloWishes. I love the Halloween Party and would recommend it to all! When else can you trick-or-treat at the Magic Kingdom?

Universal Studios and Halloween Horror Night Mandara Spa

Saturday morning started off with a quick breakfast at Portofino and then we took the boat over to Universal Studios. Our express passes were perfect! The first attraction we saw had a 60 minute wait, and we waited less than 10 minutes to get all the way through the ride. We were able to ride everything we wanted and still have time for repeats. My favorite rides at Universal Studios are  Men in Black and The Mummy!

We ate dinner in the same place we had breakfast. This time, we had garlic breadsticks, an antipasta salad and pizza. Everything was delicious! I had to rush to eat though, because I had to make my manicure and pedicure appointments at the Mandara Spa. While my family and my brother’s friends were at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, I was busy getting pampered at the spa! I am a big chicken when it comes to scary movies and haunted houses, so I opted out of going to Horror Nights in favor of the spa. And, I do not regret it at all. Mandara Spa was nice and relaxing. I left with perfectly painted nails and delicious tea. My family said Horror Nights was a lot of fun, so it was a win for all!

Breakfast and back to reality

Sunday morning started off bright and early. Unfortunately, I had to head back to Animal Kingdom for work. We all had breakfast at Portofino Bay and opted for the buffet. I ordered a delicious omelet and had a side of French toast. Then, it was time to have the valet bring up my car and for goodbyes. Saying goodbye to my family wasn’t any easier than the last time! It’s hard being so far from home when I’m used to a 45-minute drive.


Until next time!



One thought on “A trip to the dark side

  1. Yes love love whispering cannon an don’t ask for a Large drink or more napkins 🙂 hehe will defiantly be going back there some time

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