A trip to Sanford + the beach!

On Saturday after a long shift at Dinosaur, I hopped into my car in the Cast Member parking lot and drove straight to my aunt and uncle’s house in Sanford. The traffic wasn’t heavy, and I made it there within an hour. I was greeted with huge hugs and delicious beef stroganoff that had been waiting for me in the oven! I haven’t had a home-cooked meal like that since I started my college program. Their home exemplifies what the ideal Florida home should — comfort and relaxation complete with individuality. Growing up, I wasn’t able to spend much time with my aunt and uncle because they lived so far away, so now is our chance to make up for lost time!


Sunday morning, my aunt and I left for New Smyrna Beach at 8 o’clock and had to stop at Starbucks on the way to get our caffeine fix. Although it was cloudy, we still had high hopes for the beach. There is no such thing as a bad beach day! When we arrived, we found the best parking spot close to the ocean. At New Smyrna, you can drive on the beach, but the tide was too high when we got there.


We decided to take a walk and ended up walking 4 miles. It was the perfect start to our Sunday! After a dip in the ocean, we headed to the boutiques to look around since it was starting to look like rain. New Smyrna has so many cute boutiques, and not all of them were open when we were there. My aunt asked if I wanted to try a wheat grass shot, so I thought why not? Off we went to Cafe Heavenly to get our healthy, but disgusting, shot. I made the rookie mistake of smelling it first (don’t do that!) and then we choked them down.


We both had instant health improvements…okay, not really. But, I definitely felt healthier anyway. We went back to the beach to relax and swim, then headed back to Sanford around 3 o’clock. We had a wonderful beach day! I can’t wait to go back to New Smyrna Beach!

The fun wasn’t over yet! On the way back, we stopped to pick up some mullet dip for my uncle, which was an experience in itself. The man had his tv, laptop and fans going in his tent. He had a great setup going on. When we got back, we made homemade pizza for dinner! It was absolutely delicious!


I had an amazing time with my aunt and uncle and cannot wait to go back! They sent me home with a bunch of goodies and leftovers. And, since I left my sunglasses there, I will have to return soon. 🙂


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