Sanford, Lake Mary, Orlando, Ocala…Oh my!

Last Friday, I spent the night eating delicious food, making caramel apples and catching up with my aunt and cousin in Sanford.  We had such a perfect evening together! Getting out of Orlando always brings me a huge sense of relaxation and comfort. Disney World has always been my favorite vacation destination, but living at Disney World is not peaceful at all! Disney life is busy, and I’m constantly on-the-go here.

Making the caramel apples was really simple. The basic steps we followed:

  1. Melt two bags of caramel squares in a saucepan over the stove.
  2. Dip whole apples and apple slices into the caramel. We used granny smith.
  3. Roll the freshly dipped apples into crushed up cashews.
  4. Wait for the caramel apples to set!
Caramel apples in progress

Making the caramel apples!

The only issue — the caramel didn’t want to stay on the apples that weren’t rolled in cashews. But, it was so easy and delicious, we didn’t care.

The next day in Sanford was another fun one! My aunt, cousin and I started the day off with Starbucks (skinny vanilla late and a breakfast sandwich) and a trip to Lake Mary’s farmer’s market.

The farmer’s market was great! I always loved going to Urbana’s farmer’s market when I was in college. All of the colors of the fresh produce looked amazing! We even saw some fruit we had never seen anywhere else. Very interesting!


How could you not want to buy these?

There was a mini pumpkin patch there as well. I love seeing little reminders of fall scattered around. On the way out, we stopped at a cute store, 4th & Ocean, and Callie and I each left with a new purchase. I love that area and hope to go back before my Disney College Program ends!

Pumpkin patch

Just hanging out in the pumpkin patch!

A little later, my aunt and I went on a walk by the river in Downtown Sanford. Downtown Sanford had the perfect small town, downtown feel. We ran a few errands together then went back to her house to relax until Callie and my uncle got home. After dinner, I began my drive back to Orlando.

Late Saturday night, I went to the Contemporary with Danny, and we watched Wishes. Unfortunately, the music wasn’t piped in where we were. But, the fireworks were still awesome!

View from the Contemporary!

View from the Contemporary!

Sunday morning, my day started off early! I met my childhood friend Emily at the Contemporary for breakfast. She spent the weekend at Disney World! We ate at The Wave, a “sustainable” restaurant that is located on the first floor right by the check in area. I got a tomato and spinach omelette, and she had the multigrain Mickey waffle! Both dishes were delicious.

After breakfast, we headed to Ocala so she could show off her new place. Emily moved to Ocala at the beginning of the summer for a her first post-college job!

We went to lunch at Pi on Broadway in Downtown Ocala; the pizza and lemonade were excellent!

Pepperoni, spinach and mushroom pizza with mozzarella cheese!

Pepperoni, spinach and mushroom pizza with mozzarella cheese!

Ocala had an art festival going on, so we browsed around over 150 different art booths. There was something for everyone. We saw one woman who bought a cat painting… How nice? Emily showed me other fine places, like Gator’s Dockside. Then, we hung out at her apartment, got sushi for dinner, and then I headed back to Orlando.

I had a busy, but relaxing, weekend!


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