Trying out Jikos!

Before dinner, we went to Animal Kingdom for the first time either of us had gone there since we started working at Dinosaur. We did the Safari, walked through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, and rode in the back row on Expedition Everest. Animal Kingdom was empty, so there were absolutely no wait times. Crazy!


Can you see the hippo?!

The fish were just swimming all around the hippo. It was awesome! We also saw four gorillas and some other animals. If you’ve never walked on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail before, you should definitely do that on a slow, and slightly cooler, day at Animal Kingdom.

We wanted to try something new on the Disney property, so we headed to Animal Kingdom Lodge to have dinner at Jikos – The Cooking Place. Jikos is the signature dining restaurant at AKL, and we were so excited to try it out! Before dinner, we made sure we had plenty of time to look at the animals and just enjoy the Lodge. I love it there!


Jikos theme is inspired by an African sunset.

Our meal started off with an amuse bouche. It was an interesting bite to say the least. Then, we ordered some bread samples and four different dipping sauces. Our favorite was the humus dip, but we enjoyed trying the others.


Everything that came with the appetizer.

For my entrée, I ordered the short ribs. And oh my goodness, they were amazing! We agreed that my meal was the best of the two. He ordered the filet, which was delicious, but mine was just a little better. Our server instructed me to mash-up all of my entrée like a stew, so that is exactly what I did.


The short ribs taste delicious, I promise!

I definitely recommend eating at Jikos and would suggest you order the short ribs.


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