High Five for Friday!

One of the blogs I frequently read, Lauren Elizabeth, hosts “High Five for Friday” each week. I thought it would be fun to link up my blog and join in!

1. I’m really loving the Cast Member preview party I went to last night at Hollywood Studios. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights were lit for the first time last night. Although I have seen the amazing lights multiple times, the lights and atmosphere never get old. If you have never been before, you’re in for a treat, and, I promise, you will be in awe!


2. The other day I went to Whole Foods Market and left with a pair of shoes. Who knew Whole Foods would become my shoe store? It all started when I saw an adorable pair of gray, polka-dotted TOMs, and I decided to check if my size was available (not likely). And, my size 5.5 was hanging right in front of me. Obviously, I had to make the purchase.


3. The low crowds at the theme parks are great right now, but I know the holiday rush is around the corner. On Wednesday, I went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with some friends. We had minimal waits and were able to accomplish basically everything before 4 o’clock. It was the perfect day!


4. My marathon training is going well right now. I am actually loving my long runs — this week was 12 miles. To help make my long runs more exciting, I often will run them in the beautiful Boardwalk area (Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach Club, Swan & Dolphin, Hollywood Studios and Epcot’s back entrance). Afterwards, I  treat myself to a hot cup of coffee (because sometimes I get cold when it’s 70 degrees…) and a warm bowl of oatmeal. Yum!


5. Working at Dinosaur has more perks than just Animal Kingdom’s hours. My co-workers are some of the most caring and sweetest people I have ever met. It’s so nice to go to work and know my little work family will be there. I have only been here for a little over 2.5 months, but my Dinoland family treats me as if I’ve been at Dinosaur forever.


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