That time I went home

A lot has happened in a week! So, you all know I went home for a few nights, and I had the absolute best time spending time with my family and visiting my college campus.

Here’s a quick recap with a few pictures:

Reunited and loving it

Yay for family!

Day 1: I had lunch with my mom at my favorite lunch place, Charlotte’s. Charlotte’s is located in an old house and has a small shop with random antique items upstairs. I had the chicken salad on a croissant, and I recommend everyone tries it if they go there.

Since I have been in Disney, quite a few new places have opened. I went to Meijer with my mom to buy all the ingredients for her delicious lasagna recipe. While in college, I always shopped at Meijer, so it’s nice that my hometown can share the fun!

I helped my mom prepare the lasagna, and we ate dinner before we left for her kickboxing class. Wait, kickboxing? Yep! My mom instructs the class two times a week, so I was fortunate to be able to go. All of the ladies seem to have a great time!

Day 2: I absolutely had to start my morning off with coffee and a white-iced yeast doughnut with sprinkles from the Royal Donut. My brother had breakfast with me, then I went home to relax and spend some time with my cute dogs.

Sprinkley goodness

Sprinkle-y goodness.

Luckily, my dad was able to take me out for lunch, so I didn’t have to eat alone. We went to Red Lobster, which is also always great to go.

Shortly after lunch, I headed to Champaign for a doctor appointment and to see my old college roommate. We met at Cocomero and ate some frozen yogurt. If you’re ever on the UIUC campus, you should definitely check it out! It’s self-serve, and you pay by the ounce. It was WEIRD to be back on campus. I almost felt like an intruder being at the place I called home for four years.

If you’re from Central Illinois, you will agree when I say no trip home is complete without Monical’s. Of course, my family and I had to have dinner there. I had been missing the French dressing and the pizza!

Day 3: My mom and I started out the day by running 15 miles. Yes, 15 miles. We are both training for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January, and that was my long run scheduled for the week. It was nice to have company on a long run!

After we were done running, we were absolutely starving. An egg sandwich hit the spot. My mom made me help her clean the house (on my vacation home nonetheless) to get ready for the November birthday party we hosted.

Almost everyone in my family was able to come over to celebrate birthdays and visit. It was great! My mom prepared a mini-Thanksgiving feast, and we ate turkey, noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, baked beans and rolls.


My delicious cake with 23 candles!

Shortly after dinner, we got out the cakes. We have three November birthdays, so we each have our own cake. My grandma always made sure we each had our cake, so we continue the tradition today!

Day 4: Our day started off early. My mom volunteers for the Festival of Trees and is in charge of the gingerbread house decorating. Since I was home, I got to spend my last morning directing traffic and giving instructions. I thankfully had a lot of fun!


So simple, but so cute!

We had leftovers for lunch and then my family drove me to Indianapolis to catch my flight back to Orlando. My trip home went by so quickly, but I enjoyed every second I was there.



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