Thanksgiving in Sanford

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got some Christmas shopping done!

Thanksgiving in Sanford

For the first time I can ever remember, I celebrated Thanksgiving with some of my mom’s side of the family in Sanford, Fl. My parents, brother and grandma flew in to the Sanford airport on Wednesday night, and my parents and brother headed straight to Orlando to see me.


Oh hi, family! 🙂

On Thursday, we drove back to Sanford and spent the afternoon and evening with my aunt and uncle, grandma, and some of my uncle’s family. The main difference I noticed with food this Thanksgiving was the addition of shrimp on the Thanksgiving spread. Yum! We have definitely been missing out back in Illinois and should definitely add it. (Family, I hope you’re taking notes.)


The perfect mixture of Christmas and Thanksgiving

As usual, we watched some football (on my aunt and uncle’s new giant tv), ate a lot and had a great time catching up with everyone. I didn’t know my grandma was going to be there until the day before, so that was a nice surprise.


My beautiful grandma!

I was so grateful to have the day off of work and to have my family in Florida to celebrate with me!


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