Christmas at Disney

My family came to visit me for Christmas!


Last week, my family and brother’s girlfriend came to spend Christmas with me! I was originally scheduled to work 64 hours at the Dino Institute (no thank you), but was very fortunate that some kind coworkers were willing to take two of my shifts (including Christmas!) and switch two shifts to get my hours down to 31. Thanks again, everyone!

The first two nights my family was here, we stayed at our home Vacation Club resort, Old Key West, in a huge two-bedroom villa. My dad booked a late dinner at Olivia’s the first night, so I could join them after work. Having my family here was the best Christmas gift! I worked a lot during the beginning of their trip, but it sounded like they had a lot of fun.


Spending all day Christmas Eve at Dinosaur was definitely not something I enjoyed doing, but, luckily, the people at work that day were great and the guests were “sort of” behaving. After I got off work at 8:45 p.m., my family and I went to the 11 p.m. Christmas Eve Service at a church in Celebration. The service lasted a little too long for me (I worked 11 hours that day), but it was a great way to celebrate the true reason for the season.

On Christmas Eve, we switched from Old Key West to Bay Lake Tower. BLT is the Vacation Club resort right next to the Contemporary. We love staying there, especially because of the walkway to Magic Kingdom and the convenience of the monorail. Santa found us at BLT and left us Christmas stockings filled with gifts! We started off the day by opening presents, eating room service and then walking to Magic Kingdom to join the crazy Christmas crowd.

Christmas Day was basically the only day I have ever enjoyed the new Magic Bands and FastPass+ system. We set up preferred viewing for the 3:30 p.m. Christmas parade which used one of our three FastPass+ options, and it was the best idea we ever had. Our viewing area was in the middle of the hub in front of the castle, and we had no one standing behind or in front of us. Meanwhile, the other side was 10-15 people deep. We took amazing pictures and had some really fun character interaction!

DCP 2013

Our Christmas dinner was at Tony’s, an Italian restaurant with The Lady and the Tramp theme. We had a delicious, non-traditional, Christmas dinner then watched Cinderella’s Wish to see the castle light up. After we saw the castle in all of its winter glory, we decided to escape the crowd and head back to Bay Lake Tower. We relaxed for a bit then made our way up to the Top of the World Lounge to hang out and watch Holiday Wishes without fighting the massive crowd.

What a perfect ending to the first Christmas I’ve ever spent away from home! If you’re going to be at Disney World, you might as well enjoy the fireworks.

The next morning, we packed up and took the monorail to the Grand Floridan for breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. We had a delicious character breakfast! 1900 Park Fare is definitely not a relaxing breakfast, so don’t go there if you’re looking for peace and quiet. But, do go there if you’re looking for a variety of characters, a huge assortment of food and a fun atmosphere!

You won’t catch me at the Dino Institute anymore! But, for now, still have a wild day! 😉


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