What you must bring to a runDisney race!

The Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend officially begins tomorrow! I am so excited to head to Disneyland with my mom on Friday night! I haven’t been there in a about 10 years, so our weekend will be filled with running and adventure.

While this will be my first Disneyland race, the Disneyland Half Marathon will be my fifth runDisney race! I have run in three Walt Disney World Half Marathons and, most recently, the Walt Disney World Marathon.

26.2 miles and still smiling :)

26.2 miles and still smiling 🙂

13.1 miles is a heck of a lot easier to train for than 26.2 miles! Don’t get me wrong – half marathons are very challenging! But, it is a lot “easier” to make time for a 10-mile long run than a 20-mile long run!

What to bring to runDisney races

Packing for a runDisney race can be challenging. For me, runDisney always means a mini Disney vacation will be thrown into the mix, and Disney vacations can be anything but relaxing.

Here are my runDisney race day necessities that I absolutely cannot leave home without:

runDisney Race Day Necessities


Having my GPS watch helps me remain calm throughout the race. It seems silly, but my Garmin is like a safety blanket. During my training, I do run without it occasionally, but I really like having it on my wrist.

*You will likely go over 13.1 miles! The course is measured from the most direct route. If you didn’t know this, it can be pretty discouraging when your watch says 13.1 miles, but the finish line is no where in sight! Usually by mile four or so my watch and the mile markers stop matching up!

iPhone for race photo opportunities 

runDisney races are definitely a special experience! If people don’t run, chances are they can be convinced to run in at Disney. (Hi Dad! I’m talking to you!)  How much more magical can a run get?!

Disney takes advantage of this and has characters everywhere. Sometimes there won’t be a photographer, so if you don’t have a camera, you are out of luck.

And, of course, I like to have on a cute outfit when crossing that finish line! 

Race outfit (tank top + sports bra + shorts)

Sometimes I buy a new outfit for the race, and sometimes I don’t. Buying a new outfit can be risky, because I never know if the material will irritate my skin (hello chafing and the joys of being a runner).

Regardless, I always pick out a cute race outfit! You have to look good for the aforementioned picture opportunities! ; )

Running hat

If you’ve never run with a running hat before, now is not the time to start. Don’t try this out on race day unless you are okay with potentially throwing away a perfectly good hat when it starts driving you crazy.

I like to wear a hat when I run because it helps shield my face from the sun and sweat!

Running shoes

This might be the most important item on the list! Do not forget your shoes!

Running socks

I have some favorite Under Armour running socks that I generally wear on race day. They claim to make you go faster, and I take any help I can get!

Running socks are so much better than regular cotton socks. They wick sweat and help keep your feet cooler. I’d say this is the one item you could definitely switch up for race day. I tend to buy a new pair or two at the expo!

Sequin skirt (embrace the spirit of runDisney!)

If you’ve ever runDisney before, you know that costumes are everywhere. I’ve never dressed up (yet!) during a race, but I have worn a sequin skirt over my shorts! Such a cute touch!

SPI belt + toggles

I love, love, love my SPI belt. I have the waterproof resistant version, and it comes in handy. I carry my phone, ID, room card/Magic Band and cliff shot blocks in this thing. It’s perfect!

The toggles are so important, because I don’t have to worry about putting holes in my shirt or shorts for my race bib! Win!


Need I say more? I am very fair skinned, and sunscreen is so important. I would like to keep the wrinkles away for as long as possible!

Sweaty Band + ponytail holders

Sweaty Bands are my favorite expo discovery. I found them at my first runDisney expo in 2011 and have been buying them ever since! The headbands stay put during all of my runs and workouts no matter how sweaty I get.

I have tried a few other brands, but I always go back to Sweaty Bands. Nothing can match the quality!

Even if I wear a hat, I wear a Sweaty Band. Once, my hat blew away, and thankfully, I had on my headband. There is nothing worse than running with my hair in my face!

Forget something?

One of the great things about runDisney races is the expo. If you do happen to forget a race necessity at home, chances are there is a vendor at the expo that sells exactly what you need! Look for the same item you have been using at home to prevent any race mishaps or try something new (at your own risk!)

Happy runDisney racing!!


Question of the Day:

  • What are your race day necessities?
  • Is there anything you absolutely cannot run without? What is it?

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