4 Ways to Make Your Commute Entertaining (and 4 Things to Never Do)

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I started off my morning with an egg white omelet, raspberries and a tall glass of water.
Omelet and raspberries

Last night, I made a batch of mini cupcakes to bring to the cookout we are having at work today, so I felt liked I needed an extra-healthy start to my day. I may or may not have sampled some of the batter, the frosting and the finished product. Hey, I needed quality assurance!

After loading up on my veggies and fruit this morning and taking my multivitamin, I feel much better. I’m finally over my sugar rush!

Now it’s time for me to commute to work. I live about 25 miles away from the office, so my drive takes anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. The morning usually has less traffic than the evening.

I have been doing this for over two months now, so I’m becoming a pro at different ways to keep myself occupied.

How to Entertain Yourself While Commuting

1. Listen to the radio

Mix it up. Don’t always listen to one station; it will get too repetitive. I listen to XM radio, and I’m constantly listening to different stations: pop hits, country, Christian, coffee shop, oldies, etc. Switch it up to broaden your musical palette!

2. Learn something new

Whether it is listening to your local or national news to stay informed or listening to a podcast or YouTube video over your car speakers, listen to something that will inform you. Just because you are driving doesn’t mean you have to turn off your brain!

Some of my favorite podcasts include are The Digital Exec by SpinWeb (marketing, hosts interviews with industry experts) and Balanced Bites (nutritional, focused on Paleo).

3. Call your friends and family

Looking for the perfect time to talk to a family member or friend? Your commute is that perfect time! Oftentimes, I call someone in my family while driving home from work. It makes the time fly by in a way that is enjoyable.

4. Record voice memos

If you come up with a brilliant idea for something, don’t try to write it down or type it in your notepad on your phone. Recording a voice memo is much safer for you and the drivers around you! You can listen and write down your idea once you get home.

What You Should Never Do While Commuting

  1. DO NOT TEXT. I wish everyone would stop texting and driving. It is not safe and definitely not worth it. Check out this infographic outlining some statistics.
  2. No putting on makeup. I understand putting on a little eyeliner or lip gloss while at a stop light, but putting on foundation and mascara while driving is just scary. This isn’t safe! Please stop! Take an extra two minutes before leaving your house or do this in the parking lot at work.
  3. Stop wearing headphones. I am so confused about this one. Since when did this become legal? If you have headphones in, how will you hear the ambulance or firetruck coming in an emergency?
  4. Don’t disrespect other drivers. Stop honking, flipping the bird and cutting people off. It’s not nice. If someone needs over because the exit is there, please let them over. You will not save that much time! Just have common courtesy!
Question of the Day:
  • Do you commute to work? If so, what do you do to make the time pass by?

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