High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it!

I can’t believe how quickly my week flew by. I’m looking forward to a busy, but hopefully somewhat relaxing, weekend.

Saturday morning, I’ll be cheering on my roommate while she runs a half marathon! Woohoo! I wish I was still running with her, but know it’s best to sit this one out. I can be the girl passing out pretzels or fruit slices at mile 8! I always love the people that do that.

Here are five things I was loving this week!

1. Neighborhood views.

A few nights ago, I went on a walk around my neighborhood and had a hot air balloon float over me and land in the field across the street. It was the perfect evening, and the cool breeze made it feel like fall.


I posted this photo on Instagram of the hot air balloon. Whoever says the Midwest isn’t beautiful is very wrong!

I can never decide which season is my favorite, but fall is definitely in my top four. (ha!)

2. Girls’ Night!

Yay for new friends! On Tuesday, I was invited to a girls’ night. We went to Starbucks, ate delicious food and did our nails. You know, just the typical, fun girl things!

I’m looking forward to the next time we all get together!

3. All of the cooking.

From grilling to baked pumpkin oatmeal to salsa chicken, my week was filled with many healthy and delicious foods! I’m planning on making some new (and old) recipes next week – including my favorite cauliflower pizza recipe. That’s another recipe I plan on sharing with you all!

A sneak peak of what my cauliflower pizza looks like:

Cauliflower Pizza

4. My handy dandy shoe insert.

My doctor gave me a carbon fiber insert for my right shoe. I can only use it on my shoes that have insoles that can be removed. I want to wear compatible shoes as often as I can, because I really, really want my foot to heal as quickly as possible. The lazy life isn’t my thing! I like to get up and move.

5. Core workouts.

I’ve been trying out some different core  workouts, and right now I’m loving this Blogilates “Extreme Ab” workout. I am focusing on exercises that don’t put pressure on my feet!

Questions of the Day:

  • What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?
  • What is your favorite YouTube fitness channel? I love Blogilates, Tone It Up and Sarah Fit!

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