5 Things I Learned At My First Swim Drill Class

Hello, hello everyone!

I hope your week is going well. Yesterday marked the end of my internship in Indianapolis, but the exciting part is that I am officially employed as the Digital Communications Assistant! You’re in luck, Indy, because I’m not going anywhere. There are so many places (coffee shops!) I have yet to explore. I love it!

I have been feeling so sluggish after being banned from most forms of cardio for the past three weeks. I went back to the foot doctor today, and I have a while longer on my cardio ban. My foot is still bothering me unfortunately. 😦

I’m starting to stress a little bit, because I am signed up to run the WDW Half Marathon in January. Foot, please heal a little faster!

Yesterday, I finally got the nerve to go swim! I decided to sign up for the swim portion of a triathlon training class, because I figured some structure would be a good idea. (*No current plans to compete in a triathlon.)

I arrived to the class at 5:20 a.m. which meant I had to leave my house at 4:55 a.m. I had a nice view of the stars and the moon on the way… The things I am willing to do for a little exercise!

Swimming. Is. Hard. I think the time time I ever swam a lap was when I was 12…

With that, here are five things I learned at my first swim drill class.

1. It’s okay to be a beginner.

Nothing is worse than pretending to be an expert. I made sure to tell the instructor that I hadn’t swam laps in years, and that I have a stress fracture. (Sympathy card, haha) I’m sure she would have quickly figured out that I wasn’t an experienced swimmer, but I felt better explaining myself to her.

2. Do not watch others.

If you need to figure out how to do a drill, watch the person that knows what she is doing. But, other than that, do not watch others. Just focus on the drill and working on your technique. It quickly gets frustrating when you’re watching someone else, and they seem to be doing the drill perfectly and effortlessly. Think about the drill and how you can improve!

3. Have an open mind.

Trust the instructor. If she tells you to try something that seems silly, try it anyway especially if you are a beginner. Maybe that technique will really help you lengthen your body. Just go for it.

4. Ask questions.

Listen when your instructor explains the drill, but don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s extremely frustrating to not really understand the drill and have stand up in the middle, because you actually have no idea what you’re doing. Chances are that someone else doesn’t understand either. If you keep choking on water, ask about that!

5. Just keep swimming.

Dory can’t remember a lot of things, but she always gets this motto right! No one is perfect. Even those who seem to have the drill perfected struggle. As the instructor said, you can become really confident with the stroke or drill and then something happens that throws you off. Just keep swimming, and eventually, you will improve.

I’ll be swimming every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of the month and am excited to see how my freestyle improves! I also got approved to use a stationary bike with no resistance. Yay for cardio options!

Questions of the Day

  • Have you ever taken a swim drill class? What did you think the most challenging part was?
  • What is your favorite motivational quote?

3 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned At My First Swim Drill Class

  1. Honestly, I used to swim in high school and I swam for one year in college… it was an amazing experience but became way too hard to balance. Anyways, I completely agree; swimming is hard. But it is the best feeling when you get out of the pool knowing you just accomplished a lot and left all your stress and effort in the water. The most challenging part really is to keep swimming. Your muscles tire, and you’re all alone in your own head, so it’s up to you to really push yourself to keep going (very mental). I really enjoyed this post, it was nice to reflect on swimming again 🙂

  2. Congrats on the job! So exciting 🙂
    I haven’t swam laps since probably 3rd grade. So I definitely would be intimidated by it, ha! But I know it’s a great workout so that’s awesome you’re finding alternatives to high impact cardio 🙂

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