Family, football and MRIs

Hello, hello! How was your weekend?

Mine started off with an MRI. Remember my stress fracture I told you about? Well, it’s not getting better, so my doctor decided it was time for an MRI to really see what is going on. I’m hopeful to find out some good news (aka: it’s healing/not serious) today.

On Saturday, I woke up pretty early to head home for the Illini game! We have a suite this year, so I definitely want to to to as many games as possible.
I had a great time with my family at the game. Unfortunately, my Fighting Illini aren’t shining this year… Maybe in a few weeks they will snap out of it?! *wishful thinking*
Saturday evening, I saw Gone Girl. Last year when I was working in Disney, I read the book and quickly became obsessed. I even brought the book with me to work to read on my breaks. It’s so suspenseful and filled with twists.

The movie didn’t disappoint. I was happy Gillian Flynn was the screen writer! While a few of the scenes were slightly extremely awkward to watch sitting next to my parents, the movie was just as suspenseful as the book.

Sunday, we headed back to Indianapolis to go to the Colts game! It was pretty chilly, and the roof wasn’t closed. Luckily, my dad had an extra jacket in his car for me to wear.
The Colts played an awesome game! I love football, especially when my team is winning. I especially love people watching at the games and laughing at those who are a little too into the game!
The rest of my Sunday was relaxing! I’m looking forward to planning and implementing some projects at work this week and to shopping for fall work clothes!

Questions of the Day

Where do you like to shop for professional clothes?
Any fall fashion trends you are looking forward to trying out?


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