Staying in the Orange Zone

Hello there!

Last night, I went to my very first Orange Theory Fitness class at a newly-opened facility.

Orange Theory Fitness is a one-hour high-intensity group fitness class that focuses on keeping heart rates in the “orange” zone. They claim this ensures that participants will continue to burn calories even after they are finished with class. Each class changes some, but it is broken into sections including: treadmill intervals, rowers, weights and TRX.

orange theory

The Beginning

When I entered Orange Theory, I headed straight to the check-in counter where I received my heart rate monitor. Since the class is focused on staying in the orange zone as much as possible, everyone needs to wear one. I’m not sure if you can participate without wearing one.

After a quick tour around the facility, I put on my heart rate monitor and waited for my friends to arrive. Once the class before ours got out, we headed into the room and chose to warm up on the treadmill or the rowing machine. I picked a rowing machine, and strapped my feet in.

*If you are new and aren’t familiar with gym equipment, make sure your instructor knows, so he or she can help you. I didn’t make it very clear and was confused at some points, even though I am very familiar with exercising.

The Middle

After the warm up, my group headed to the weights where we completed three different circuits over the course of the next 26 minutes. We did a variety of squats, TRX moves and rowing. We worked at our own pace within the given time. Mastering the TRX moves was a little difficult for me and others in the class. The instructor could have given us a little more guidance, but she was also instructing those on the treadmills.

Once our floor time was up, we cleaned our equipment then hopped on a treadmill to begin a series of climbing and intervals. Treadmills are not my favorite, but I can do anything for 26 minutes. It was difficult for me to stop checking my heart rate monitor, because those are displayed throughout the class.

My heart rate monitor felt tight, but it wasn’t tight enough! I ranged from being at 0 percent to 112 percent which was a little humorous but also frustrating. I wanted to know my true heart rate!

The End

We ended our class by slowing our heart rate back to a steady pace and stretching as a group.

I was a sweaty mess and felt like I had worked hard. I call that a successful workout! I plan on continuing Orange Theory for at least the next two months.

Tips for Your First Class

  • Listen to your body! – This is the most important tip. Don’t push yourself too much. Remember, the instructor doesn’t know how you are feeling and what your exercise experience has been like. Don’t be afraid to slow down on the treadmill or even stop if you need to.
  • Bring a bottle of water AND a small towel. It gets really hot in there, and you will be working hard. I don’t know about you, but sweat burns when it gets in my eyes. Bring both of these things to help you stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Make sure the instructor knows you are new. He or she will be able to help guide you through class, so you aren’t confused when everyone started jumping on machines.
  • Wear your heart rate monitor as tight as possible. If you think it is tight enough, it probably isn’t.
  • The treadmill has a fan. Use it! I didn’t realize that until I was already overheated and miserable.

Join the Conversation

  • Have you ever been to an Orange Theory Fitness class before? What did you think of it?

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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