We dug in at Dig IN!

On Sunday, I went to Dig IN at White River Park in Downtown Indianapolis. I had been looking forward to this event since last year!

Enjoying Dig IN!

Basically, Dig IN is like heaven for your tastebuds! Over 40 different local food vendors partner with local farmers to create delicious bites of food for attendees to enjoy. You can even try different wines and beers from Indiana. This is all included with your admission!

Sunday was perfectly sunny and not-so-perfectly hot. The temperature was close to 90 degrees!

We arrived a little after 12pm, which was a mistake on our part. We had early entry tickets, so we could have gotten to the event at 11am to start tasting food before general admission. But, we opted not to do that, so we were greeted with huge line instead.

We didn’t want to stand in the hot sun in the seemingly mile-long line. We decided to get our caffeine fix at Starbucks in the JW Marriott. Smart choice! When we left Starbucks, the DigIN line had diminished. We got in with very little wait and headed straight to the food!

Beef Sammy

Our first dish ended up being my favorite dish. We enjoyed a smoked beef sammy from Goose the Market. Goose the Market is the most adorable market in Indianapolis. I love going there for sandwiches (and gelato), so I had high expectations. The giardiniera added the perfect amount of heat. I would have gone back for seconds!

We tried a variety of other dishes: duck breast and kale from La Salle Grill, corn pound cake with mango and lime from Cerulean, and Hoosier stuffed tomatoes from Fresh Artistry! The dishes were very meat heavy, so we weren’t able to enjoy as many as we would have liked. Next year, we’ll share dishes or take a few bites.

Pulled duck and kale

After walking around, we decided to sample some wine. The blueberry merlot from Country Heritage was fantastic! I would happily buy a bottle to enjoy at home.

We left Dig IN with full stomachs, and I left with a sunburn. 😉

Overall, Dig IN was a fun event! I am looking forward to the improvements they will make for next year!

Join in!
  • Does your city have an event like Dig IN?
  • What types of events does your city host?

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