2019 Goals

2018 feels like a blur! We welcomed our first son in March, so we spent the two months before that traveling and preparing for his arrival. And, after? Life with a newborn was chaotic (but so, so rewarding); no amount of planning could have prepared for everything a baby entailed! Ten months later, Samuel still doesn’t love to sleep through the night, but I’m not letting that hold me back. In my mom’s words, I’m actually thriving with little sleep. Who knew?

Because of my new mentality (that I’m still working on), I’m excited about knocking out my goals for 2019. Below are some of my goals followed by a short explanation!

1. Spend more time on the people and things that bring me joy. Last year, I was forced to take a hard look at where I was spending my time and my money and to prioritize. Having Samuel to take care of has really changed my mindset. Before him, I really don’t know how I spent my time. That’s so cliche, but it’s so true. This year, I really want to be intentional. I want to make sure I’m spending my time on the things and people that truly matter. My Letterfolk Board says “Simplify: Make time for the little things” right now, and that’s what I plan on doing. 

2. Develop my personal style and donate or sell what doesn’t make me feel good. I often find myself pulling on some leggings, a v-neck, throwing my hair up, and calling it a day. That’s fine and all, but it doesn’t make me feel good. I find that I am so much more productive when I take the time to put myself together in the morning. I follow Natalie Borton on Instagram, and she is always sharing #legitmomstyle outfits. I’m really interested in defining my personal style and creating a “uniform,” so I can get ready quickly each day while still feeling fantastic. 

3. Give gifts like it’s my job (and sometimes it actually is). I’m a very good gift giver when I set myself up for success and actually make the things happen. A lot of times, I drag my feet and am a last-minute shopper. I run to the store and quickly buy something that works, which typically isn’t what I wanted. By planning and taking initiative, I will show people that I care. This means, I need to organize my calendar to keep track of those important dates! 

4. Spend time every single day laughing. Focus on enjoying the time with the people who are in my life, especially my son, I want to make him laugh every day! They say laughter is the best medicine, and I find that when I’m laughing, I’m in an overall better mood. (Duh!)

5. Become proactive and focus on tasks I need to complete. Woah! This is a big one that I hesitate to share. I tend to complete things (like this blog post) and then sit on it for a while until I can be sure it’s exactly what I want to put out there. In reality? No one cares as much as I do! I need to be more afraid of NOT doing the things I should be doing.

6. Have fun in the kitchen. Meal planning and cooking often get the best of me, even with my best intentions. I want to streamline my meal planning, so that way I can focus on creating new dishes in the kitchen, including baking delicious items. I want to try out new recipes and bake something new each month! 

7. Travel. One word is all this line needs! I want to explore and see more of the world with my family. I love going on an adventure, and I want this year to have even more!

I plan on revisiting my goals once a month and making smaller goals, so I can make I’m moving forward! Of course, circumstances can change, but I can always reevaluate and change these goals!

Happy 2019, everyone! I hope this is your best year ever!


One thought on “2019 Goals

  1. I enjoyed reading about your goals and dreams for 2019. I hope that you accomplish all that you set your mind to. I agree with spending time with your family and laughing more. I know I can over-react or become tense about small issues. I need to be more joyful and kind to others! This is the best time to start new habits. Awesome article!

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