Mama Confessions: Three Things I Said I’d Never Do

Nothing could have prepared me for the way my life has changed since becoming a mama. I read books (well, parts of them), took birth, baby and breastfeeding classes, and talked to other moms, but no amount of conversations or books could accurately prep me for the vast amount of emotions I’ve felt in the past four months (Note – I started writing this post when Samuel was eight weeks old and am just now getting back to it.) and what responsibilities my new title required.

In the short time, I’ve already done so many of the things I said I’d never do. Before March 8, it was easy to look at other moms and decide that I would or wouldn’t do _fill in the blank_. Oh, how things have changed! It’s definitely laughable. Here are a few of the things I said I’d never do that I actually do. And, hey, if you’re reading this in preparation to become a mom, be careful what you say!

1. I won’t be THAT mama that posts pictures of my baby all the time. That is the first thing that went out the window. The second my little man (well, maybe not the second… but soon after Samuel was placed into my arms, he became my favorite human being on the planet. (Sorry, Zach!)

2. I’ll prioritize going on dates with my husband. In Samuel’s four months, I can count on my hand the number of dress up and go out without the baby nights Zach and I have had… one. Yes, that’s it. One. I’m ashamed to say that I’m to blame for this. It’s hard work to go out and leaving my baby is way harder than I ever imagined. (But what if he needs me?!) 

3. I’ll still do the same things as before. When I look at the bigger picture, I still do a lot of the same activities. I go out to eat with my friends. I wake up early. I take care of myself. I go to Target. The frequency is no where near what it was before Samuel, and I’m actually okay with that. 

These are just a few of the things I find myself doing (or not doing) on a day-to-day basis that are not what I said I’d do. Being a mama comes with so many new responsibilities that make even the toughest days feel rewarding. At the end of it, my husband and I are responsible for Samuel, and I can go to bed each night (even if it’s short-lived before my baby needs me) knowing I’m giving him my all.

Your Turn!

Hey Mama (or Dada)! What is something you swore you’d never do that you actually do?


Visiting Five Parks in and Around Denver

When one of my very good Disney College Program friends got engaged to her very own Prince Charming, I knew I had to be there to help celebrate! When we found out we were pregnant and would have a two month old at the time of their wedding, I was still convinced we needed to make the trip to Denver. My husband agreed, and we decided to enlist help from the grandparents, who eagerly said yes.


Flash forward to the Wednesday before Memorial Weekend when we met my parents at the airport! Our baby did very well on the flight and slept the majority of the trip. As soon as we arrived and got all of our luggage, we headed straight to Four Friends Kitchen, a Southern-inspired brunch place in Denver. Our friends who had traveled to Denver told us we had to stop here, and it did not disappoint. It was delicious!

Our adventures had only begun! Traveling with a baby certainly changed the trip dynamics. We focused more on experiences and cared much less about restaurants than we had in the past. We stopped more often for diaper changes and nursing sessions. However, we had no shortage of fun times and saw some incredible places in and around the city!

Five Parks Around Denver in Four Days

During our trip, we visited five parks and walked an average of 3 miles a day. Since I had a baby in March, I haven’t been as concerned about my fitness although I do go on daily walk. That, coupled with the altitude difference, had my legs shaking a few times!

1. Garden of The Gods


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! We headed to Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs after leaving Red Rocks, which was about an 1.5 hour drive. Zach’s family used to live out this way (before he was born), so he’d always wanted to come to Colorado Springs. The views at Garden of The Gods were beautiful, and the paved trail was a nice surprise. Hello, stroller! We saw a rattlesnake and a bobcat here.

2. City Park

City Park is next to the Denver Zoo. We stopped here on our way to our hotel from the airport and walked the loop once. It was a great stop to stretch our legs. We had fun trying to see the animals in the zoo and even had an elephant sighting.

3. Rocky Mountain National Park


It took about 2 hours to get here from our hotel, and the drive was well worth it. My parents love visiting national parks, and Rocky Mountain National Park was no exception! Since we were traveling with a baby, we primarily saw sights from the car, but still managed to walk over 3 miles. Driving into the tundra was pretty incredible! We even got out and walked in the snow. We visited Bear Lake Trail in the afternoon and easily found a parking spot.We saw a lot of wildlife here. I’d love to return when Samuel is older to do some trails!

4. Red Rocks Park

When I asked my CO friends where we should go, the Red Rock Amphitheater topped their lists! In the morning, the amphitheater was filled with people working out, which was pretty inspiring to see. I’d love to go there and run the stairs one day! There are trails around here, but we stuck to climbing the amphitheater.

5. South Valley Park


This state park was about 20 minutes away from our hotel, so it made for a perfect morning trip. The views were beautiful, but the shade was limited to the picnic areas. I’d recommend coming here even earlier in the morning. Thank goodness for my babywearing husband. It was hot! We saw more red rock formations here and took a nice hike.


Your Turn

Have you been to Colorado? What park was your favorite?