After The Indy Mini, You Need Food!

Happy Friday!

I am really excited for this weekend’s events! Tomorrow, I am running in the Indy Mini – a flat and fast course complete with a lap around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What more do you need!? There is no doubt why this race is one of the best.

This is the United State’s largest half marathon, so it just feels incredible to be a part of such a major event! This half marathon will mark my second time with the Indy Mini and my 11th half marathon overall. I did the Indy Mini two years ago with my mom, and I remember how amazing the energy levels were throughout the race. All of the spectators and support really made it one to remember.

 Typically when I finish a half marathon, the last thing on my mind is food. (Always force yourself to eat and drink at least a little something right after you finish!) But, about an hour later, I am ravenous. I am always craving breakfast food, so I thought I would round up some of my favorite places to grab breakfast or brunch around the city!

Want a sit-down classic meal?

Cafe Patachou

Seriously, every single thing is delicious here. Whether you are in the mood for breakfast, lunch or both, you can’t go wrong. The coffee here is self-serve, so go grab yourself a cup while you’re waiting to be seated. Although, if you just ran the half marathon, that may or may not be the best idea… (If you know what I’m talking about, you know.)

I personally am a fan of the omelette with avocado, mushroom and bacon. Have you ever tried avocado in your omelette before? The creamy texture is perfect.

Craving something sweet? The croissant french toast will hit the spot! Better yet, convince your group to order different entrees and then give you a bite, so you can try the cinnamon toast, homemade granola and egg yolk sandwich.

Good Morning Mama’s

This Broad Ripple favorite is delicious. If you’re trying to get away from the Mini crowds, head here although you won’t get away from the brunching crowd.

Here, the mimosas come by the pitchers, and the French toast comes with coffee batter. Again, I recommend the omelette. I had the vegetarian omelette, and it hit the spot. I’m not a vegetarian, but this omelette was the perfect choice. Don’t be afraid of the pesto on top! Just go with it. The java French toast was good, but I would recommend you get a half order to share and an omelette or egg scramble.

Good Morning Mama's Vegetarian Omelette

Lincoln Square Pancake House

Another classic, everything here is incredible. They serve their coffee with a variety of individual cream options, if that’s important to you.

I’d go for the waffle platter. Two mini waffles, eggs, sausage and bacon is always a winner in my book. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this by now, but I like a little bit of everything! This restaurant has pancake in its name, so you know that pancakes are a delicious choice. Light, fluffy and huge!

Delicious Brunch at Lincoln Square

Just wanting something small?

Mo’Joe Coffeehouse

Grab a pastry, bagel or a light sandwich and relax in the comfy couch while reflecting on your 13.1 mile run. Mo’Joe Coffehouse has eclectic decor and delicious coffee concoctions. Sip on a cappuccino or one of those speciality drinks.

Square Donuts

Who doesn’t want something sweet shortly after running a half marathon?! (Okay, sometimes I don’t either. It’s okay.) These donuts are delicious! Grab a donut and a milk or cup of coffee, and you are well on your way to half marathon recovery!

Square Donuts

Are you looking for a culinary experience to give your friends another reason why they should join you in the Indy Mini in 2016?


Milktooth is you place. While the menu allows no substitutions, but don’t let that scare you away. The owners know their stuff. Also, the coffee is brewed to perfection. Try it out, and be amazed!

Join the Conversation!

Where is your favorite place to eat breakfast or brunch in Indianapolis?


Why does everything taste better on the grill?

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine consisted of lots of coffee, running and (healthy-ish) eating.

Running in the rain

Saturday morning, I ran 10 miles with a friend. Our last 3 miles were in the rain, and it actually felt amazing! I actually was in a lot of pain for the a big portion of the run. My foot is really bothering me. I will hopefully be going to go a sports doctor this week to figure out what’s going on.

After getting cleaned up, we went out for brunch at Lincoln Square Pancake House. Holy yum! I ordered the waffle combo which came with two mini waffles (topped with fresh bananas), two eggs, two strips of sausage and two strips of bacon. The coffee was hot and plentiful. I definitely will be going back!

Delicious Brunch at Lincoln Square
I think the mugs are adorable. Lincoln Square’s slogan is “An Honest Place to Eat Since 1989.” But, I’m not sure why… One day I would like to to speak with the owners and find out! The journalist in me is coming out. : )

I spent a lot of time icing my foot, foam rolling and stretching the rest of the day. Here’s to hoping that starts to help!

New Church + Favorite Lunch Place + Nordstrom Rack

On Sunday, I tried out a new church which I really enjoyed! The praise and worship band was very talented, and the minister had a great sermon. The sermon was all about John chapter 2 when Jesus performed his first miracle – turning water into wine. Sometimes sermons can get a little boring (one reason why I like my church back home!), but this one kept my attention.

After church, I met my younger brother and his girlfriend for lunch at another one of my favorite places, Café Patachou. We were going to sit outside, but quickly found out the bees were aggressive. Since all three of us are pretty terrified of bees, we opted to go inside to sit.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I ate an egg white omelet with avocado, spinach and mushroom. If you’ve never had avocado in your omelet, I definitely recommend it! Avocado adds a creamy texture, and I like to get it instead of cheese.

Brandon’s gf had never been to Nordstrom Rack before which needed to be taken care of ASAP. After lunch, we went there. Brandon’s gf and I left with new shoes, perfect for fall!

Also, check out these seriously cute fall pumpkin plates at Crate & Barrel. I almost had to buy them:

Give 'em Pumpkin to Talk About

Motto: Grill Everything

Sunday night, Ashley and I had a cookout with our neighbors.

On the menu:

  • Grilled chicken
  • Veggies (green peppers, onions, red peppers, zucchini, squash)
  • Seasoned potatoes
  • Side salad (mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber) with homemade dressing
  • Peaches (grilled!)
  • Strawberries
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Pumpkin pie

Grilling Out
Have you ever had grilled peaches? I highly recommend it. Simply slice and core the peaches then put on the grill. That’s it! You can drizzle a little olive oil and sprinkle sea salt on them before grilling if you want. Top the grilled peaches with a dollop of vanilla frozen yogurt, and you will have perfection.

I didn’t even have any pumpkin pie at dinner, because the grilled peaches were so good!

Why does everything taste infinitely better on the grill? I love grilling. I love cooler weather. I love fall. (We have a little over two weeks until it’s officially fall!) The end. 

Have a great Monday! Thank you for reading!

Questions of the Day:

  • Are you as obsessed with grilling as I am?
  • What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?