24 Hours in South Haven, MI with a Baby

Traveling to South Haven, MI is one of my husband’s family traditions. South Haven is a charming town on Lake Michigan with iconic lighthouses. This year, we took our 4-month-old son along for a quick overnight trip! Here’s what we did during our 24 hours in South Haven.


Day One

When we arrived, we immediately headed to Subs N More for lunch. This is a great spot to grab a sandwich (or pizza). We ate outside and then drove to South Beach! Zach and I took turns hanging out with Samuel, and we convinced Zach’s sister to watch Samuel while we took a quick walk in the sand. Our beach tent was the perfect size to keep Samuel covered!


For dinner, we sat outside at Bricks and ate thin-crust pizza. Some of the restaurants had a two-hour wait, but we pleasantly had hot pizza in our hands in roughly 20 minutes. Bricks is very kid-friendly and even has activities to keep them entertained while waiting for dinner.

After dinner, we obviously headed to Sherman’s. If you’ve ever been to South Haven, you know how delicious it is! And if you don’t, I hope you’ll prioritize going there. My husband and I tried two different flavors, toffee fantastic and turtle (typically, we share chocolate chip cookie dough!). Both were delicious! However, neither of us could finish our single cones. Opt for the kid size, unless you’re sharing with someone.


We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on North Beach, and Rocky, Zach’s brother-in-law, took one of my favorite family portraits to date! Samuel is such a cutie, and we feel so lucky to have him.

Day Two

We woke up early and headed to Eclectic for coffee and then met the others at Brown’s Bakery for donuts to take to the beach. What is better than eating donuts and drinking coffee at the beach!?



After some fun, we got cleaned up and headed to Phoenix Street Cafe for breakfast. Then, it was time for blueberry picking! Before going to South Haven for my first time in 2015, I had never picked blueberries. Since then, it’s something I look forward to each summer. The blueberries are absolutely delicious, and picking them is satisfying. I wore Samuel in my Tuck and Bundle wrap which made picking blueberries a breeze. He napped almost the entire time, and we left with nearly three pounds of blueberries.


We then headed to lunch at Su Casa. A bonus to eating lunch at an off-time meant that we didn’t have to wait for a table! The guacamole there is delicious! Tip – Ask for some spicy carrots. You’ll be hooked. We looked in a few more shops and then it was time to head home.


Your Turn!

  • Have you been to South Haven? What’s your favorite activity to do there?
  • If you haven’t, where do you love to travel to each summer?

Family, football and MRIs

Hello, hello! How was your weekend?

Mine started off with an MRI. Remember my stress fracture I told you about? Well, it’s not getting better, so my doctor decided it was time for an MRI to really see what is going on. I’m hopeful to find out some good news (aka: it’s healing/not serious) today.

On Saturday, I woke up pretty early to head home for the Illini game! We have a suite this year, so I definitely want to to to as many games as possible.
I had a great time with my family at the game. Unfortunately, my Fighting Illini aren’t shining this year… Maybe in a few weeks they will snap out of it?! *wishful thinking*
Saturday evening, I saw Gone Girl. Last year when I was working in Disney, I read the book and quickly became obsessed. I even brought the book with me to work to read on my breaks. It’s so suspenseful and filled with twists.

The movie didn’t disappoint. I was happy Gillian Flynn was the screen writer! While a few of the scenes were slightly extremely awkward to watch sitting next to my parents, the movie was just as suspenseful as the book.

Sunday, we headed back to Indianapolis to go to the Colts game! It was pretty chilly, and the roof wasn’t closed. Luckily, my dad had an extra jacket in his car for me to wear.
The Colts played an awesome game! I love football, especially when my team is winning. I especially love people watching at the games and laughing at those who are a little too into the game!
The rest of my Sunday was relaxing! I’m looking forward to planning and implementing some projects at work this week and to shopping for fall work clothes!

Questions of the Day

Where do you like to shop for professional clothes?
Any fall fashion trends you are looking forward to trying out?