High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and so many fun things have been happening lately. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all. I already have some posts ready to go next week, so be sure to come back to read them!

Today, I am linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth and Meet @ the Barre to share what I’ve been loving lately.

1. Apple cider stew

Apple Cider Stew

I like to bring my lunch to work, but lately, I’ve been visiting a local deli pretty regularly. So much so, when I called to get my favorite soup saved for me, they knew me by my voice when I walked in. If you’ve never tried apple cider stew, I highly recommend it. It’s delicious!

My friend shared this recipe with me, so I’m planning on trying it soon. I’m not sure if it can come close to the deliciousness that my favorite deli has, but it’s worth a try.

2. Pretty sunrises AND sunsets.

Pretty Midwest Sunset

I used to believe the only place a sunrise or sunset could be beautiful was at the ocean. I’m not sure what took me so long to realize that is not the case at all. I captured this picture after making a completely necessary trip to Target after work. The sky looked breathtaking. My picture does not do it justice at all.

3. Google hangouts.

Doing the Disney College Program has been one of my most rewarding experiences in life so far. The one major downfall is that you make so many amazing friends that live all over the country. We’ve tried out a few different online hangouts, but lately, we have been loving Google hangouts.

DCP Friends

Chatting with my long distance friends is so much fun, and it makes them feel closer. I have no idea how people kept in touch without technology! We are very fortunate today!

4. This print.

The World Is Super Lucky To Have You

I’m a huge fan of cute quotes and prints. When I saw this one at Hobby Lobby, I knew I had to have it. I’m still looking for the perfect spot in my apartment to hang this in my apartment, but I love it. Never forget this!

5. Painting.

Last weekend, I went to Wine & Canvas with some friends, and it was so much fun! Something we learned was to not go to a class that requires painting a lot of straight lines! It was difficult for me (I haven’t painted since I was probably 10), but we had a lot of fun painting and sipping on wine!

Wine & Canvas Masterpiece

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I have a fun Girls’ Night planned as well as some other events I’m looking forward to. 🙂

Question of the Day

  • What is your favorite picture or artwork you have in hanging up at your house?

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth and Meet at the Barre to share what I’m loving this Friday.

This weekend I am seeing Aaron Carter in concert! I never thought that at the age of 23 I would be saying that. I was able to convince a friend to tag along, and I know we will have a blast! Thank goodness for friends that are willing to go along with all of my awesome ideas, ha!

I used to be a huge Aaron Carter fan when I was growing up, and I had those Teen Bop and Tiger Beat tear outs hung up all over my doors in my room. Does anyone else remember those?!

1. Delicious Fall Smells.

My roommate is obsessed with burning candles, and lately, she has been burning the perfect fall scents. I really like the apple crumb cake scent and pumpkin spice (surprise, surprise) scent. And, at work, people have scentsy burners, and yum! One of my coworkers has one that smells just like warm sugar cookies. Delicious. But, it does make me slightly hungry.

2. Healthy Pumpkin Dip

Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Dip

So, what I am really wondering is has pumpkin always been this popular or did Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte really amp it up a notch? Irregardless, I love pumpkin everything (minus PSL, sorry) , but I especially love healthy pumpkin treats.

This dip is delicious, and I highly recommend it! Try it out. You won’t regret it!

3. Breakfast at Work.

Today we are having breakfast at work. Every few weeks we have a cookout, but today we are switching it up with breakfast. And, I plan on pushing for breakfast more often, because it is my favorite. I would even be okay with breakfast food for lunch instead of breakfast time. *hint, hint*

4. Physical Therapy.

Well, remember when I said I had a stress fracture? I actually didn’t. I had an MRI, and it came back all clear! No hairline fractures to be found.

But, I do still have something wrong with my foot. Thankfully, my doctor referred me to the physical therapist, and I have been feeling a lot better.

5. Easy DIY Picture Frame.

DIY Picture Frame
In an attempt to be crafty, I bought a cheap picture from and decorated it with a gold Sharpie. I’m not even sure if this really counts as a DIY, but I’ll go with a yes. : ) Can any Disney fan out there spot the “hidden” object?!

I would recommend penciling out what you want to do before you start drawing on your frame!

Questions of the Day:

  • What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?
  • Would you eat breakfast for any meal? If so, what breakfast food would you want?

Thank you for stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend!