My Top 3 Expo Purchases

Happy Tuesday! Thank you for stopping by!

I hope you have something fun planned for after work today. I find that I am able to enjoy work more when I make my life outside of work a priority. Trying to perfect that work/life balance is challenging!

Since my foot is still bothering me (appointment on Wednesday!), I decided to go for a leisurely walk around my neighborhood last night. I saw this beautiful sight:

 Hot Air Balloon at Night

Something about a hot air balloon, the open field and the sunset felt so serene. It was a great way to burn a few calories, unwind and kept my foot feeling relatively pain-free.

Top 3 Purchases

I never shared what I bought at the half marathon expo. Some of the items I purchased are my definite must-haves, and others are just fun to have and wear! 

1. Sweaty Bands

No other running headband compares to Sweaty Bands. I fell in love with them at the first runDisney expo I went to in 2011 and haven’t looked back.

These headbands are lined with special pink felt, so they stay in place during all of my long runs and workouts. Every runDisney race, I buy at least one new sweaty band!

Sweaty Bands 

This year, I bought four and gave the sparkly silver headband (not pictured) to my mom. Sweaty Bands had a special: Buy 3, get one on clearance free! The Chicago band was on clearance.

I once tried to stray from my Sweaty Bands addiction and bought a different line’s headband during the Disney Marathon. Like Sweaty Bands, this brand also sells runDisney headbands. However, they just did not work for me! The headband kept slipping around, and I vowed to never try another headband out during a race or long run. 

Sweaty Bands are my personal favorite! I highly recommend Sweaty Bands to anyone!

2. BeeCause Shoe Charms

BeeCause Charms are adorable. My mom first discovered them a few years ago, and she has me hooked. 

You just lace your shoelace through the charm and instant bling! 

BeeCause Charms

At this expo, I got the Coast-to-Coast charm (the hearts on CA & FL are adorable!) and the Mother-Daughter charm, because my mom could not pass that one up. 

When you purchase a charm, you will get a punch card. So, every 10 charms, you get one free! BeeCause offers a huge variety of charms for many events, causes and schools. BeeCause will even do fundraisers and custom make charms, which seems like a great idea!

3. Half Marathon Shirt

This technically wasn’t a purchase at the expo, but I’m counting it because we had to pick it up at the expo – my first Disneyland race shirt! 

Disneyland Half Marathon Shirt

I always love the quality of runDisney race shirts and still wear race shirts from years ago. I really like that it’s a v-neck, short-sleeves and a lady’s fit! 

I never will wear my race shirt until after I successfully completing the race. I like to feel like I earned it first. Is that strange? What about you?

Honorable Mention: #teamsparkle

I bought a racerback tank top from Sparkle Athletic that is so cute. On the front, it says “I Don’t Sweat, I SPARKLE!” Love it! I also have a skirt from them that I purchased at Disney World Marathon Weekend. 

The woman working tried to get me to buy a cape, but I decided to pass on the cape this time. I might buy one for Halloween races!

 Questions of the Day:

  • Will you wear your commemorative race shirt before running the race?
  • What is one item you always look forward to purchasing at the expo?



Disneyland Half Marathon Recap

Hello, hello! Thank you for stopping by. Today I am sharing my Disneyland Half Marathon race recap. Even though it was a hot half marathon, I still had an amazing time running! 

Things runners do for fun

The night before the half marathon, my mom and I laid out our complete running outfits, attached our bibs to our SPI belts and packed our room keys and some money (just in case!) in them. 

We woke up Saturday, August 30th at 4:15 a.m. to get ready for the Disneyland Half. As far as Disney races go, we actually considered this “sleeping in.” 

Since we had already gotten everything ready the night before, getting ready was a breeze. By 4:40 a.m., we were walking out the door and heading to the lobby at Grand Californian to grab a banana and coffee for some pre-race fuel. 

We were able to easily walk to our corral in the Disneyland parking lot and find spots just before 5:15 a.m.

You might think this sounds awful, but to 17,998 other runners and my mom and I, this is fun!

And, we’re off! 

Before the disneyland half marathon

At 5:29 a.m. the wheelchairs were off, and at 5:30 a.m. the elites started. In true Disney fashion, the corrals were sent off to “Let It Go.” Disney is definitely monopolizing on Frozen, and I’m not complaining! Although, I do think that Tangled is better. ; )

We began running toward California Adventure. California Adventure was completely lit up since it was still dark out. Seeing California Screamin’ and Mickey’s Fun Wheel all lit up complete with the colored fountains used in the World of Color show was just beautiful.  

Around this time, my mom and I split up. I saw the 2:15 pace group and wanted to latch on, and my mom decided she wanted to go her own pace. It was very humid and warming up quickly. 

After running by Cars Land and out of California Adventure, the next stop was Disneyland! We ran around the park, through Sleeping Beauty Castle and exited the other side. Marathon Foto finally got a picture of me running through the castle! Woohoo!

There is something that is so fun about running through Disney parks! I can’t explain it; I can only feel the excitement! Characters were everywhere to take pictures with. One day I would like to do a race and take pictures with all of the characters! There are so many out, like villains, that you don’t typically see in the parks.

Just keep running, just keep running…

After exiting Disneyland, I decided to ditch the pace group.  The pace group leader wasn’t as fun as the leader from the marathon! Where were the funny stories?! I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say I was just there at the wrong time. 

I also decided I could push myself a little more. Besides being hot, I felt pretty good. To help cool off, at each water stop I would take a gulp or three of water, and dump the rest on my head. Seems silly, but it definitely helped! 

I’m not exactly sure where we ran to between mile 4 and mile 8, but I do know it was around Anaheim. Various groups, such as luau dancers and marching bands, were out entertaining us. 

At one point, we ran by lots of antique cars and their owners. It was fun to look at these cars and a welcomed distraction!

Running through the Angels Stadium was incredible! It was packed with fans cheering on us runners! Even better, when we exited, it meant we were almost to mile 10.

During the last 3 miles, I decided I would push my pace. I ran negative splits and kept improving my 5k time. I’m not sure how I did it, but I dug deep and kept pushing forward!

We made it! 

Coast to Coast + Half Marathon

I crossed the finish line in 2:04:39 with a huge smile on my face! That is my second fastest time! Next goal: Finish in under 2 hours. 

After my mom crossed the finish line, we took a celebratory picture with our Half Marathon and Coast to Coast medals, grabbed some snacks and headed back to the resort to get ready for brunch. Finishing the half marathon was a great start to our morning. It was my 7th half marathon and my 5th runDisney race. Who knows how many my mom has finished. She definitely is in the double digits! 

Questions of the Day:
  • What is your favorite race to run or a race on your bucket list?
  • Do you set time goals? What is your favorite speed workout?